Fire Alarm


Effective commercial fire alarm monitoring relies on timely detection and swift emergency response, which can mean the difference between a minor occurrence and a catastrophic loss.

Featured Services


Alarmquest offers monthly quarterly or annual fire alarm inspections. We utilize building reports to track and submit our NFPA 72 Fire alarm inspections to our clients and local municipalities.


AlarmQuest provide full fire alarm installation and permitting I accordance with NC fire code. 


AlarmQuest provide UL listed and FM approved 24/7 fire and life safety monitoring. 


Fire-Lite provides cost effective non-proprietary fire alarm monitoring solutions for small to medium buildings making Fire-Lite systems an ideal fit for educational institutions, hospitals and health care facilities, commercial complexes, retail spaces and government buildings around the world.


The XR550FC is a UL 864 listed conventional, addressable FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) with built-in communicator. It’s perfect for “central station” fire alarm applications and meets 85% of fire alarm system needs in the market. 


AlarmQuest specializes in residential security, video, and automation. We offer both wireless and hardwired systems. AlarmQuest believes that every security solution should be customized to provide the best protection possible for each client.

Small Business

AlarmQuest provides quality installation and service for small businesses in our community. We provide a custom solution to each client to ensure the systems provides benefits to make your business operations easier.


AlarmQuest continues to work with School systems and universities to provide security, access control, video surveillance and fire alarms. We offer maintenance, management and support for each team we work with to make sure the facilities are protected.


AlarmQuest works with healthcare providers in our area to make sure each location has the correct protection needed. Access control, security and fire alarms are customized and fully supported by our staff.


AlarmQuest specializes in multilocation businesses. This has been our focus since our company was founded. Provided the correct solution for each client makes the security management as easy as possible. While having multiple sites with the same product line and dedicated pricing we allow our clients to focus on operations knowing AQ has security covered.